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When you're about to go through one of life's major challenges or milestones, it's good to get advice from people who have "been there, done that." Why make all the mistakes for yourself? Find out what worked, and what didn't work, from others in similar situations. Or, as the old saying goes, "two heads are better than one."

The Hundreds of Heads Survival Guide series grew out of that simple idea. We just decided to take it a few steps further - well, a few hundred steps, actually.

Other advice books, no matter how smart or expert their authors, are limited to the knowledge of only one person. We sought to do something different - to assemble the experiences and wisdom of hundreds of people who have overcome one of life's major challenges or turning points, and have some insight to share.

The guides provide useful, readable advice on stressful topics and life's major challenges - including: how to survive a baby, a teenager, a divorce, or a marriage. Many new titles will be published in coming years. Dozens of Hundreds of Heads interviewers (we call them "headhunters") are crisscrossing the country to interview people who have "been there, done that"; many other folks are sharing their wisdom on

"Move over 'Dummies'...Can that 'Chicken Soup'...Hundreds of Heads are on the march to your local bookstore!"
-- Elizabeth Hopkins, KFNX (Phoenix) Radio Host, Thinking Outside the Box

"A concept that will be... a huge seller and a great help to people. I firmly believe that today's readers want sound bytes of information, not tomes."
-- Cynthia Brian, TV/Radio Personality, Best-Selling Author: Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul; Be the Star You Are!; The Business of Show Business


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